IZOT CM1604 M3 restoration – part 1

The time has finally come to take a look at the other terminal we acquired in our last haul from a local factory here in our town. CM1604 M3 is the third revision of the computer terminals manufactured in 1985 by ZZU – Veliko Tarnovo and sold by the brand “IZOT” here in Bulgaria. The system is a desktop terminal and consists of three parts – the main terminal, a keyboard and a monochrome monitor. These systems where designed to be used in factories for data processing and most of the times for designing circuit boards. They can be connected to a mainframe via a cable with a maximum lenght of 1500m. They can also be used in autonomous mode, but then they can just be used for general text editing, printing or calculating. Generaly these are also DEC VT52/VT100 clones. These units were manufactured with two types of keyboard – Bulgarian or Latin and were mostly exported to the USSR. Fortunately our terminal is in working condition and just needs a bit cleaning and afterwards we can make a Wi-Fi modem for it. We will divide the restoration in three parts so we can focus on every piece of it. It the first part we will teardown the terminal part of the system.

During trasportation the front panel fell off and the corner broke. That needed to be glued back together.

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