8BitClub – Technology the way it used to be

We are a community inspired by vintage technology.

8BitClub started in 2016, when we as a group of enthusiasts decided to start collecting and restoring retro computers and technology. Today we have developed a community with experts in different areas of the hobby. From restoration and repair, to hardware and software developers.

Our collection consists of a large variety of technology, from home computers to TV production equipment. Technology from the early 70`s to the beginning of the new century. We have over 1000 different pieces ready for exhibition and many more still to be restored.

Our long-term goal is to set up a one of a kind, interactive museum here in Bulgaria. Giving our guests the ability to sit down and use some of our computers and to empower them to touch and feel technology the way it used to be 20-30+ years ago. Also, in our plans for the future is to set up a vintage cable television studio and network in our museum with a step-by-step telephone exchange.

In 2020 we founded Raxiss which is focused on game and software development for retro computers.

The rest is history… 🙂