Data recovery and digitalisation:

We provide data recovery and digitalisation services in Bulgaria and acros Europe. These are the currently supported by us formats and media:

  • IBM or Apple formated floppy disks from the folowing sizes and formats:
    • 3.5 inch, 5.25 inch, 8 inch and some exotic formats;
    • 360k, 720k, 1.44mb and other;
    • encoding: FM, MFM and other;
    • Single Sided (SS), Double Sided (DD), Single Density (SD), Double Density (DD), High Density (HD) and more;
  • CD, DVD, BluRay, MO disks and other.
  • Data recovery from vintage Hard Disk Drives (HDD):
    • All sizes;
    • Interfaces – MFM, IDE, SATA and other.
  • Flash Storage Media
  • Data recovery from vintage ROM, EPROM, PROM and cartridge memory.

Digitalisation of media:

  • VHS, Analog Betacam, DV, Betamax and other formats;
  • Audio cassete tapes;
  • Vinyl records;
  • others

Restoration and Repair Services:

We also provide restoration and repair services for vintage computers and equipment including delivery of vintage hardware and electronic components for a variaty of systems.

  • Board repair, recaping, SMD and throughole rework services with professional equipment;
  • Chip level repair;
  • Case cleaning, touch-up and whitening (retrobrighting);
  • CRT analog board repair services;
  • Programing EPROMS;
  • Custom hardware and software solutions and other

All media and hardware can be shipped acros Europe via postal service and will be packaged professionaly and with care. For pricing and quotes contact us via the contacts page or directly via E-mail at